It’s raining cats and dogs! If you hear that don’t be afraid, neither cats nor dogs will fall from the sky 🙂 That’s just something what people say when it is raining heavily.
The London’s taxis or “cabs” are considered to be the best in the world. Do you know why? Not only because of the comfortable cars but mainly because of the taxi drivers. All of them pass the special exam to prove the perfect knowledge of London streets. For some taxi drivers it takes years to prepare!
Oliver Twist is the Charles Dickens’s novel about an orphan who run away to London. The story of social protest, morality and criminals. Also the first novel in english literature where the child became the main character.
Saint Patrick’s day is the celebration of Irish culture.  If this day you’re lucky enough to catch the leprechaun, he will have to tell you where to find a pot with gold. So look sharp! 👀
Loch Ness Monster is believed to be a creature of evil. But if the legend didn’t exist, this Scottish lake wouldn’t be that famous. No one knows for sure if the Monster is real. And if it is, why people are so afraid? What if it just wants to be friends?
The life of the Royals may seem like a dream. But did you know that Elizabeth II works everyday except Christmas? Or that approximately 94% of the royal wedding budget was spent on security? Being a member of the royal family imposes some responsibilities 😉
If you want to visit the Buckingham Palace than there is a tip. Late July to late September the Palace is opened for the public. Perfect chance to see some of the 775 rooms or maybe to imagine yourself a member of the royal family 👑
Stonehenge is the English heritage and one of the best-known Neolitic (about 12 000 - 1 700 years ago) monuments in the world. How something like this was even made by people in those years? Or maybe it was built by someone else? 👻👽
Particularly this London Bridge was built in 1973. Not really long ago, is it? Although, historians say that the first London Bridge was built on the same place in 12th century 😱 And by the way, when visit it, don’t forget to listen to Fergie’s “London Bridge” song, it’s amazing!
The symbol of London, the tower Big Ben got its’ name after the huge bell inside it. It’s curious if there are any people who didn’t take a picture of Big Ben while visiting London 🤔📷 Just a quick fact: the diameter of the Moscow State University’s cloak is bigger than the Big Ben’s. 9 meters VS 7 meters.
5 o’cloak tea! When in England, please, don’t break the tradition and drink a cup of tea. It’s also a good way to meet someone. That’s how Alice met the Madhatter and Cheshire Cat in the Wonderland, right?
Imagine that you’re living in a 14th century England and don’t have an access to computer games 😭 How to show your boldness and coolness? Try to take part in a knights tournament! Who knows maybe you’ll even get the princess’ heart and half of the kingdom as a prize?
Why almost every nation has legends about dragons? 🐲 Crazy theory: some scientists suppose that a small number of dinosaurs could survive to the human era. Others, not that imaginative scientists, think that ancient people took the dinosaurs’ bones for dragons’. Anyway, look at this dragon, he’s just adorable 😍
The London’s red buses. Not yellow. Not green. Not purple. Is it some kind of British love to red color? Maybe. Back in the 20th century London’s transport system was operated by different companies. The company, which owned most of the buses, painted its’ entire fleet red to stand out from the competitors. Since 1933, the colour was adopted by London Transport and it has remained ever since. 🤓
The iconic Liverpool’s rock band A.K.A. The Great Reason To Learn English A.K.A. The Beatles 🎵🎸
We all live in the yellow submarine!
Everyone put on your cloak take the wand with you and let’s go on adventures with Harry, Ron and Hermione! Meet you on the Platform 9 3/4, don’t be late! ✨
The most furious ones! English football fans are the synonym to football hooliganism. This phenomenon was even named the English Desease. Who is not with us is against us! 🔥⚽